FVN Partnership Perks


  • 90/10 split of all revenue generated by advertising sold and served by Adsense for Video/YouTube in connection with Content Creator's YouTube Properties, and the following Additional Services: 
    • Access to exclusive Partner Education Program modules aimed at growing your channel and your business. 
    • Access to private Facebook group for networking, questions, and sharing with other partner channels  
    • Complimentary access to Epidemic Sound library 
    • Complimentary Epoxy TV social media management suite of tools  
    • Opportunity to receive free samples through Family Video Network's direct solicitation of brands (for review and unboxing) 
    • Opportunity to participate in paid promotions and sponsorships 
    • Invitation to attend exclusive toy industry events 
    • Monthly newsletter with educational articles and helpful channel growth information 



  • Direct Sold Ads - 75/25
  • Product integrations/placements - negotiable



Family Video Network, LLC is a YouTube Multi-Channel Network dedicated to:

-          Matching brands with creators for mutually-beneficial sponsorships and advertising partnerships.

-          Educating client channels on branding, self-promotion, and growing their audiences.

-          Facilitating collaboration between channels to create exponential growth.

-          Providing memberships to Epidemic Sound Library, Epoxy Social Media Manager, and the Internet Creators Guild.

-          Providing graphics support and design services to client channels.

-          Representing client channels at major industry events.